2020 Sponsor of The Gold Coast Bodyboard Club

2020 Sponsor of The Gold Coast Bodyboard Club

The Gold Coast Bodyboard Club (GCBC) has been running for many years now. 

Competition Calendar 2020:

• Sign on Day & Ryan Hardy Coaching Clinic: February 23rd - DBah
• Round 1:  March 22nd - DBah
• Round 2:  April 26th - DBah 
• Round 3:  May 24th - North Burleigh
• Round 4: June 21st - Kingscliff
• Round 5: July 19th  - DBah
• Round 6: August 2nd - Nobby Beach 
• Round 7: September 13th - DBah 

Access Code: 2020
Point of Contact
Silas  - 0431135795

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The club is a community based, non-profit organisation that aims to enable children and adults of all ages and abilities to experience competition bodyboarding. The club meets once a month from March to September for comps at Duranbah Beach and Gold Coast Beaches. 

The club is run by members and volunteers who dedicate their personal time for the sport they love. Each club event consists of a fun, safe & supervised environment for competitive bodyboarding. Bodyboarders from all walks of life come together to enjoy the sport they love whilst having a relaxing day at the beach.

Rob Laurie - No rain no rainbows from Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery on Vimeo.

How can you help?: The club encourages all club members & families to get involved. There are numerous tasks that need to be completed to ensure the day runs smoothly, so please make yourself available at some stage throughout the day to lend assistance to the committee.  

Competition: Each club member earns points for competing at each event. Points are accumulated throughout the season to gain an overall place at the end of the year. 

The Top 6 Place-Holders from each division gain extra points based on their individual merit. All finalists will be announced at the end of each event. (See Points Scoring System Breakdown for more detail).

GCBC is one of the best-equipped bodyboarding clubs in Australia, with many resources on hand for the benefit of all club members.