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Blink and the four hundred thousand dollar house price on the Gold Coast could be as extinct

Drying up fast: less than 20 Gold Coast houses listed for $400k on Realestate.com.au

The Gold Coast Bulletin writes - BLINK and the $400,000 house price on the Gold Coast could be as extinct as the Dodo bird or the Tasmanian tiger.

Less than 20 houses are listed for that price on realestate.com.au and property experts say it will be dead within three years.

Across the nation 31 per cent of houses and 37 per cent of units sold for less than $400,000 in the year to June 2017.

Ten years ago, 62 per cent of all house sales and 68 per cent of unit sales were below $400,000.

CoreLogic data shows the average number of houses on the Gold Coast market two years ago with a price tag between $300,000-$499,999 was 1273 compared to an average of 911 houses now.

The average price for a house on the Gold Coast is now $620,000.

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