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Brisbane and Melbourne suburbs top lifestyle rankings

Sydney, the nations most recognisable city, but according to a new study by Realestate.com.au it could be a worse place to live than Brisbane and Melbourne, here's why.

The study ranked capital city suburbs by their access to schools, employment opportunities and a number of other factors, leaving Queensland and Victoria with a whitewash of the top 10 suburbs.

Sydney's biggest detractors were noted as traffic, town planning and expensive home prices, Brisbane suburbs accommodated two out of the top three placings, scoring well in these areas.

“Sydney is obviously a stunning city but it is difficult to get around, commute times are longer, and it is expensive compared to other cities in Australia,”

“A lot of the Sydney attributes traditionally connected with good lifestyle like the beaches and harbour are also not easily accessible to everyone and there are not as many opportunities for people to live near them.” 

“The median price of houses in Sydney is nearly $1 million. In Brisbane, just 6 per cent of the housing stock is (priced) close to $1 million. That says a lot about Sydney,” Realestate.com.au chief economist Nerida Conisbee

An online trend in Sydney is for people looking to buy homes in Sydney to also search listings in regional NSW, this same trend was not evident among Brisbane and Melbourne house hunters as prices are more affordable. Source: news.com.au

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