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Commonwealth Games team leaders hit Gold Coast and like what they see

Commonwealth Games team leaders hit Gold Coast — and like what they see

The Gold Coast’s 2018 Commonwealth Games organisers have been given thumbs up for the event venues plus the opening and closing ceremony plans.

The organising committee GOLDOC welcomed 130 team chefs de mission and delegates from the 69 Commonwealth nations and territories to the city on Sunday night.

They have arrived for a week of venue familiarisation and workshops ahead of the Games in April, 2018, now 176 days away.

“With the Commonwealth Games, it is really diversifying the perception of the Gold Coast,” 

“You could be forgiven for a stereotypical view of the Gold Coast as beaches, surf and sand but this just paints it in a whole other light.

“I think it looks awesome, I love it. Our only challenge now will be how to overlay that with some black and silver ferns to give it a New Zealand feel.” 

“It’s a progressive sort of place and this highlights what else it can do and other aspects you might not normally see — and I have enjoyed seeing that.” New Zealand chef de mission Rob Waddell

Jamaica’s chef de mission Dalton Myers said he was also a fan of the Athletes Village colour scheme: “It’s cool, I mean, you can’t miss it. Source: Gold Coast Bulletin.

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