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Gold Coast: Australia's next world class destination

Gold Coast: Australia's next world class destination

There is no doubt that if there is any time for the Gold Coast to step out onto the world stage, that time is now. And, nobody knows this better than the Gold Coast’s Mayor Tom Tate as he oversees massive investment in infrastructure.

“As a City, we have worked tirelessly to ensure we will be ready to host the Commonwealth Games,” Mayor Tom Tate says. “The Games are so much more than the 11 days of sporting competition. This is our opportunity to shine on the world stage. We will be presenting to the world, a Gold Coast more sophisticated, mature and competitive than ever before. We are way ahead.”

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It is estimated that close to $13 billion has been invested across the city in preparation for the GC2018. And while the Games is the catalyst for much of the investment, it has been planned and delivered in such a way that it will leave a lasting legacy for years to come. Source: Courier Mail.