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Imagining the Gold Coast of the Future with Bernard Salt

Bernard Salt gave the TSS Foundation Business Breakfast Version 2.0 of his Beyond The Horizon presentation.
Behold the Gold Coast.
Sixth largest city on the Australian continent. Non-existent
at the time of the 1954 census but today a metropolis of
more than 600,000 residents.
The Beyond the Horizon Report, produced by leading
Australian demographer Bernard Salt, takes a look at what
the Gold Coast might look like by the middle of the twenty
first century.
In the report, Bernard takes a look back over the past
50 years to see how far the Gold Coast has come and
looks forward in terms of population projections, social
change, economic and cultural change; while providing
a view of what he believes will be important to the Gold
Coast in 2050.

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Beyond the Horizon – Full Report

What will the Gold Coast look like in 2050? Beyond the Horizon paints a picture of what this truly remarkable city will look like.

The currently dense population along the coastline is projected to spread inland to areas like Coomera, Robina and Ashmore by 2013