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Springwood marked to become new high-tech smart city

Just 20km south of central Brisbane, a massive new metropolis is emerging, as the global investment community eyes off the opportunity to invest in a genuine, high-tech, 21st-century city.

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Springwood – largely untouched since the 1990s and often regarded by many as a blur from occupants of the 140,000 cars passing by on the M1 every day – is using its “greenfield” status to plan a new-age cityscape.

Determined to follow demographer Bernard Salt’s advice to the south-east corner of Queensland to avoid the "fried egg" approach to urban development concentrating commerce in Brisbane Springwood will draw on its rural past to develop and exploit its green spaces.

Social and environmental planner Adam Beck, who worked on urban renewal strategies in the US city of Portland, Oregon, has been engaged by the council to tailor a city to a new digital age, and the global investment community is already looking to take a stake.

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Logan Chamber of Commerce president Bill Richards says Springwood, sitting between two massive commercial hubs represented by Brisbane and the Gold Coast, may well emerge as the chief commercial centre in the sprawling metropolis, which will eventually stretch from Noosa to the Tweed River.

The councils decision to flag its ambitious plans with the Springwood Summit last month, which drew on the knowledge of 200 experts from various industries, has already fired up the global investment community.

Springwood is the commercial hub of Logan, and after the Springwood Summit we had last month things are really starting to move, Mr Richards said.

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