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Storms across SEQ impacting the building industry



The catastrophic storms endured by South East Queensland (SEQ) towards the end of 2020 have greatly impacted the local building industry through escalated costs and delays the likes we have never experienced in Australia said Steve Bignill, Construction Manager at Choice Homes. 


“The Insurance Council of Australia have inadvertently exacerbated the situation by creating significant lack of trades and materials for the SEQ building industry,” Mr Bignill said.


“Insurance companies have drawn extensively on both roof tilers and metal roof installers from the major roofing suppliers, offering them over inflated rates to secure their services to carry out the required insurance repairs.


“While the building industry understands the necessity to repair properties where it is unsafe or water ingress is occurring, Choice Homes thinks there should not be the same urgency to undertake the repairs where there is only cosmetic damage.

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“Due to the large area hit by the storms across the South East, the demand for insurance repairs has depleted the entire workforce of roofing contractors leaving both suppliers and builders with delays of up to six months and a further cost impact of between 25% to 30% of the original quoted price.


Mr Bignill said Choice Homes, its suppliers and building partners are working hard to meet demand and reduce the impact of costs and expected delays across the supply chain.