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Want a clearer vision for what's in store for the property market in 2018?

(Picture by our photographer of the year Joel Stafford Photo).

Want a clearer vision for what's in store for the property market in 2018?

Getting an insight into investing doesn't have to be complicated.

Simply look back at our Top 7 performing posts for 2017 and discover what it could mean for the market in 2018.

  1. Watch our live close up at Pimpama Village stage 3.  231.9k Reach | 1.7k Post Clicks | 385 Reactions.
  2. Pimpama on the Gold Coasts staggering 385 per cent population growth. 176k Reach | 2.7k Post Clicks | 1.9k Reactions.
  3. Pimpama City Stage 1 opening September 2017. 164.9k Reach | 3.5k Post Clicks |  283 Reactions.
  4. The eight billion dollar exodus. 154.5k Reach | 7.1k Post Clicks | 2.3k Post Clicks | 2.3k Reactions.
  5. Could this be the most sought after community on the Northern Gold Coast? 150.1k Reach |  4.2k Post Clicks | 2.5k Reactions.
  6. Property 2017 Gold Coast is set to boom. 131.2k Reach | 1.9k Post Clicks | 1.3k Reactions.
  7. Brisbane is tipped to have the strongest property market in Australia in the next few years. 129.8k Reach | 5.1k Post Clicks | 1k Reactions.

* Figures above accurate at time of posting and in chronological order based on performance of Reach, Post Clicks & Reactions.

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(Yet another amazing picture by our photographer of the year Joel Stafford Photo).

Our 2018 best performing post for two years running was in the form of a Facebook LIVE update - see below!