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What does the July 2nd Election mean for the property market?

"My intention is after the Budget I will be asking the Governor-General to dissolve both houses of the Parliament for an election which I expect to be held on the 2nd of July".

"But I just want to be very clear that we are governing, we have a lot of decisions to make, not least of which is the Budget, the most important economic policy statement of the year."

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So will this make a difference to the property market and where is the best place to invest?

Investors in search of properties that will deliver high capital growth in the years ahead may find southeast Queensland and certain Hobart suburbs safe bets.


These regions accounted for the bulk of high growth property markets in Hotspotting.com.au’s latest Top 10 Best Buys report, which forecasts the 10 best locations for property investors seeking capital growth.

Queensland locations in the report included the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan, while the Melbourne regions included the City of Casey and Epping.

Just one NSW location was nominated: Wagga Wagga.

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